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BITE will plan your special trip to the Gulf Coast Barrier Islands of Madeira Beach, Treasure Island and St. Pete Beach. Dare to be different and explore. We will plan your adventure through the Districts of Central Avenue and Downtown Saint Petersburg. Enjoy a true BITE Express experience with our basic narrated sightseeing tour or maybe an exotic custom excursion with personalized stops for shopping, lunch or dinner, and the very best local attractions.
By using the area’s exclusive and convenient BITE service, you can sit back and relax while discovering the Gulf Beaches, exploring the Districts of Central Ave, or just hop on and off and enjoy many of the area’s restaurants and bars. Discover how this wonderful, cost-saving amenity takes the parking and driving hassles out of your vacation and lets you cruise the area in charming style.

What is the BITE Trolley Service?
The BITE Trolley is the exclusive, convenient, and affordable transportation system to several exciting destinations of the Barrier Islands.

BITE Trolley Operating Schedule:
Sunday – 11a – 9p
Thursday, Friday & Saturday : 12p to 10p

Who Can Ride the BITE Trolley?
Everyone! Each BITE Trolley seats 28 – 35 riders, 42 total capacity.
(Maximum weight – including passenger and vehicle – is 600 lbs., width restriction is 30″ wide and height restriction is 35″ length.)

How Much Does It Cost to Ride the BITE Trolley?
Check out Our Routes page for full details